Painting Bedroom Tricks and Secrets

So there are a few things here for this 10.5 x 10.5 bedroom… a 5 gallon pail may be high enough to stand on. if using 2 colors…1 gallon each should suffice make sure all window dressings are removed, if not make sure they understand that it will be cut around good as possible if […]

Spray Can Texture Orange Peel Trick

When using spray cans and you have multiple patches to spray, I find it useful to use at least 2 cans. Why? Because the water-base spray can orange peel texture needs to be kept warm. With multiple patches, the time it takes to spray all of them might be considerable and therefore your spray can […]

Drywall Fix Crack – Somebody Was In The Attic and Stepped On The Ceiling

Step one: If this job got subbed out to you and you have done guesstimate site unseen. When you get there contact person who hired you and let them know if there will be a price increase based on what you see. (They may have to okay the price w/who hired them.) Step two: Push […]

Shaolin Monk Drywall Ninja Secret #47 – Heat House Evenly Without Working Furnace

The furnace does not have gas being supplied to it. Maybe the meters have not been installed yet. What do you do? If the building has power, you may hook up 240 garage-type heaters. * If you are not familiar with breaker boxes it would be WISE to have an electrician hook this up for […]

Getting Along With Other Trades On The Job Site

Drywallers, plumbers, electricians, framers, trim guys.. All these people working together on a project and many times what one does affects another. Electricians like it if the drywaller cleans the mud out of the electrical boxes (if they get mud in there). Plumbers like their temporary pipe to either be left in where the shower […]