finished flooring? contract to not be responsible – have them sign

window wraps
– difficulty level? where it meets window (calk?), off angles

total sq. ft – including closets, take time to bid everything

accessibility – do you have to walk 1/4 mile to enter structure, difficult locks

treat family like any other customer, with my personal exception (15% off) & unless you owe them …then adjust to make it fair

proper prep is key: remove electrical box i.e outlet covers (if in close proximity) & tape any finished surface that is near i.e wood.
– this will enable you to do quick and quality

rock around tub
– difficulty? or have them frame out more; overhang the rock; or you use straightedge

nothing is better than going to look at the job
– bid subject to rock hang
– finished flooring
– minimized joints

leave heater plugged in

job to be done in sections? more $