Anyone can say no one will outwork the next guy, but can they DO what they say & say what they do?

Hard work is not the only thing to consider…

Are they a fast learner

Are they fast out of gate v.s stamina?

thieves v.s loyalty

the list goes on and on and on…

bottom line is you want to have a screening process
– this does not mean they have long hair so i won’t hire them? No.
– it does mean that if they can make you money is the bottom line.

let them know what you expect from them up front

You can have video cameras & electronic time punch cards(yes they do have these) on the job to keep them honest and/or have a foreman to oversee everyone is doing their job and putting in their hours.

3 strike rule, you’re out
Remember to keep the big picture in mind. You have a business, you have account(s), you have to get the job done on schedule and on budget.
Don’t sweat the small stuff.
No one is going to be perfect all the time, you’re not.
Anyone can have a bad day.
A good way to retain a helper is to offer benefits and cater to them when you can. This might be a raise, profit sharing, match their 401k, helping them out if they need it, buy pizza for lunch, bonus, insurance, auto pay from their check on a student loan, being nice, listening.
If they have an attitude or doing something you don’t like just tell them “It can be a long cold winter.” That’s if you live in Wisconsin like me 🙂 (put a lil’ fear in them… hey at one time or another we could all use an attitude adjustment.”
Fear of loss does work pretty good… it can be “We’ll see how it works out, there’s nothing set in stone here, no guarantee.”
Or… “This ain’t working, you have a choice to make.”