in the end, all we have is our stories…
1. Love… how does one love? i believe it is the heart, the warmth that wells up within, the doing, the saying, the thinking
#2. Give/giving Give up… do good things/good deed for the day
#3. Positive: To do good things with our limited time on earth.  Give up/fight: it’s all good “You know what, you’re right… ”  “You don’t mean that (if someone says something bad to you.) It’s about peace… “can’t we all get along?” and enjoy good times with our limited time here/legacy: “My great, great, great grandpa, he was a kuwel dude, he use to do some kool thangs. (How he’s remembered)
And that’s one thing i’ve gotta work on. Lead by example and be NICE guy.
Because that’s the best way to correct someone, by showing them how to do it correctly
How do you do that? Best way is by saying their name, luring them in to watching you in action,
Create the interest, there is a MASTERFUL way of persuading people into doing wat you want
with them wanting to do it. The best guy/teacher i’ve seen do this is Bob. And Jack…but jack had a not so nice way of doing it.
He knew what he was doing and could teach, you just had to be thick skinned with him a bit. But i did learn much from Jack
and you did too, cause i passed the skimming of the flats on to you , which you told me that you skim  the cross-sunlight flats,
i could list several things i like that you do and am implementing
i could also and have told you of the waste of time shit that ur doing
as with both of us , we implement into our own system
Charge forward, smartly, bold one