This midflex bead can be a tricky one to use at that. If there is a gap you have two choices, prefil the gap or leave it go. For me I prefil if the gap exceeds a certain width… use your own judgement. …

Enough… on to the meat of this article.

How to eliminate the damn crack that is there when you’re all done?

Best way is to spray i.e knockdown texture, let it dry … and then

Come back next day after texture has dried, and then sand the very peak of the vault.

Yes you heard me correctly… sand… only one little line… right down the center of the vault using an angled sander sponge.

This will do 2 things:

1. Sand out the crack that has probably formed since it dried

2. Create a decorative line… which is okay, since you basically have only two options.

Option 1: leave the crack

Option 2: sand out the crack and have a decorative line

There are no other options because these vault tops WILL FLEX and either it cracks or you go w/decorative line

Now I’m not saying your decorative line will not crack, however…

…I am saying since you sanded, the crack will be minimized and also… less chance of debris falling on homeowner & their floor.

3rd option would be to use magic bead, which has a rubber center that must be scrapped out between and after coats.

One kool thang about magic bead is that it is really easy to snap chalk line and then glue using spray-on adhesive. Thus creating a VERY straight line… takes the guess work out of it… or the eyeballing out of it… in creating the line.

So there you go… once again this game is all about manipulation. If you can manipulate the material, in this case the bead… to do what you want it to do to produce the desired outcome…


Right on… Drywallers and Painters… welcome to my WORLD. I’ve been doing this stuff for way too long, but as of now… i keep on a learning and it’s years, decades of experience that shine through like a sunset peaking through the leaves of an amazon forest.

Contractors come to me because they know they can count on a quality job when it’s all said and done.

We getter done on time 95% of the time.

Our quality is there… basically …. don’t make mistakes, if you do correct them. If you don’t know how to correct them, reach out to me. I probably have THE ANSWER YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR… sorry for the drama, but oh what the hell. ;-()

And Price: we try and be competitive w/our prices. We might not be the cheapest but we’re not the spendiest either.

Of course there are variables that go into all this stuff. I.e…

1. How fast can you get job done? This can determine the price you charge. Why?

Because Time is Moneys

Bub-eye for now.

Over & out.

Beam me up.