Also some people have the FAR out idea of Smooth for a texture, or a non-texture. All I can do is chuckle. Oh, they say, “We want that look.” I say, “More power to ya.”

If I ever take a smooth (no texture) job on, it will specifically state in the contract that you WILL see imperfections. That way my but is covered.

The only advantages I can see of smooth is for one:

  1. You don’t have to cover for over spray of texture
  2. If they ever get a ding in the wall, they simply patch it w/spackling or mud, no texturing needed for the patch
  3. Possibly cheaper (if you’re hiring a drywaller)

Even w/all these advantages… unless you’re doing the drywall yourself, just have them blow some texture on there. I think you’ll be happier w/the outcome.

Unless you wanna spend more money and have them skim coat everything, it’s up to you.