Not sure if you want texture and spray paint?- spray paint & even spray texture requires covering of any finished surface: flooring, trim, fixtures, etc. Especially primer/paint can be risky as sometimes it don’t come off.

Hand textures that i have not done a whole ceiling/but have patched in the past: This 1st one was in our house on hwy 29. Second one is shell/swirl type


I have never done a whole ceiling like these, just patched in the center of ceiling or a ceiling patch job. But i do feel comfortable trying to do them, as I have already patched them. It would require buying a tool and also i know/and or can find out the processĀ  on how to do it.

Note: hand textures are more time consuming and more expensive

Note 2: you get the 15% fam discount
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Spray textures. These i have all done many times (cheaper, because less labor intensive)
1. knockdown – this is what’s being done in all new houses these days: latest trend (for last 8 years!


That’s not exactly what it looks like, but close, here are some other examples:…0.0..0.192.1855.23j1……1….1..gws-wiz-img…….35i39j0i67.P6YZkU4UmVs
over last 3 years there are two other spray on textures that are also popular:orange peel & popcorn (fine aggregate)
every texture has its pros/cons for example some Pros:- knockdown is a contrasting texture to walls (if you have a different texture on walls)- orange peel (washable if you are a smoker, although most people don’t wash their ceilings)
popcorn (acoustical texture – is good for acoustics i.e It will reduce the echo from screaming kids and loud TV
If you don’t know what orange peel or popcorn texture looks like simply google those textures and click on top tab: images
any questions or if you need mo info,
lemme kno
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