Hey All… Yo!

So what happened in my life today? Well I got up and got into the normal swing of things. Everyone has their routine right? I like to follow Abraham and Hicks teachings…

So I APPRECIATE several things that I can think of this morning: Soft pillow, comfortable bed, children that bring spontaneity and love, wife that is supportive and comforting, etc

And I meditated to my favorite guided morning meditation… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYP_W49o1vQ

Which you can do guided or unguided, it’s whatever you choose is best.

And I try to soak up as much of nature as I can in my venture. If you ever get a chance, look into the distance and see that portion of the world… the woods, not just the trees.

I got my truck Decalled today. Pro Paint & Drywall …. also Sold 4U Houses.

Sold 4U Houses is the Real Estate Investing part of my business. It is how we currently reside in the house we live in, bought on land contract.

We purchased for around 40k and it’s valued at about 70k. Not a bad find, plus a roof over our heads.

Also I power washed a deck to get any dirt, bird droppings, etc. off …and ready for stain. Tomorrow i will do my final pricing of stain, which for me will include Menards. Sherwin Williams has already given me their bid for price/gallon.

Then I need to contact homeowner and run her over a color chart so she can decide what color stain she wants her cedar deck to be.

I saw an accident after it happened but I got there before the fire truck did. Fire truck made a U turn on Clairemont Ave, Hwy 12.. which was a bit interesting as the truck is looooong.

Reminder… Slow down, create distance and pay attention to the road. You are responsible for the area between your four tires, that’s your zone. Hopefully everyone is well.

Note to self: Keep all equipment that’s part of a whole, in one location, especially if it’s the power washer and I had the gun and hose kept separate in the storage unit. Luckily it was there and I didn’t have to look elsewhere.

Error: Squeezing the trigger on the gun when pointed at the pond. Result: power washer gun tip landed in pond and is now a toy for the frogs. Need to buy new tip. Shucky darn. Bright yellow, still couldn’t see it.

Recent tip: To make big bucks learn sales. If you can make enough money sales, then you can take that money if you wish and invest it in Real Estate or Investment vehicle of your choice.

Tip #2: When angry don’t throw things. Just threw a plastic piece of my sons bed out the door, what did it hit? My trailer, now there is a small scuff in the aluminum, whoops a daisy.

All for now, over and out.

Get some rest, tomorrow is another beautiful day that needs creating.


P.S Stain job got Postponed because it didn’t pass the water test.

What is the water test? Well you take a glass of water and spot check the deck by pouring some water here and there. If the water absorbs into the wood and or turns the wood a darker color, then you’re good to go.

We found that the water absorbed into some of the deck boards, but not others.

The cedar deck was installed last October, it is now June and they recommend waiting a minimum of 6 months, which now i believe we are in month 7… so I will touch base w/the customer in September and maybe stain then or in October, which will be one FULL Year after deck was installed.

By that time the moisture should be out of the cedar enough for it to take the stain properly.

P.P.S Got paid over 16k today. But it was a long wait to receive payments. But when a good payday comes, it’s very refreshing. Out of that I have to pay my drywall hanger, my help, paint supplier, paint sprayer maintenance guy, p.o box, auto insurance, etc. etc… it depletes pretty fast. That’s why we gotta get out there tomorrow and rock the earth to the hard core. Later peoples. Over & Out