Have you ever wanted something? Have you ever wanted to attract it into your life?

Abraham and Hicks can help you do just that. For those of you who don’t know, Abraham is a non-physical entity/entities or non-physical consciousness, that is channeled through a wonderful lady named Ester.

Ester was married to a very nice man, Jerry years ago, and now Jerry has passed. Jerry was the question guy, always trying to figure out life. A very smart man indeed.

So where does this all tie into drywall and paint? If you can learn how to attract anything into your life, then maybe you want a successful Paint & Drywall business. Or maybe you want to earn a lot of money with you painting and drywalling.

Abraham is about the Law of Attraction and the ability to attract/attain anything you want. You want it, you feel you deserve it, you visualize it, you believe/expect you can have it, You Will Have it.

Abraham explains that when you desire something your ‘Inner Being’, some call it your soul rides that rocket of desire and becomes it. And that you are a small part of that inner being. If you go with the flow of that desire, then you have positive emotion. If you go against the current, then you have negative emotion.

Your emotion is your guide as to whether you are going with the flow of your inner desires.

You have a broadcasting mechanism. Whatever you broadcast you also receive and visa versa. So if you want to tune into a radio station w/your radio the knob has to be set to 94.1 F.M if you want to receive that station. The same holds true with your internal broadcasting station. You have to be tuned into the right end of the stick. The stick consists of:

  1. What you want
  2. The lack of what you want

A lot of people want something, maybe a newer vehicle. So they say, it would be so nice to have a red Porsche, but…

The but is what trips them up. “But I can’t afford one.”

And not your words, but rather it’s what you feel and mean that the universe hears and responds to. It kinda acts like a boomerang bringing to you, what vibe you send out.

We are all born with 2 fears:

  1. The fear of loud noises
  2. The fear of falling

We are all born with 3 positives as Powerful Creators:

  1. Freedom
  2. Growth
  3. Joy

Follow your bliss. If you do this, people, places, ideas and events will flow to you. You will be inspired to think thoughts and take action. This is the most powerful type of action, the creator of worlds will be the wind behind your sails.

I would suggest checking Abraham and Hicks out on YouTube. They have some great information and can help you attract whatever it is into your life that you want.

Desire is part of it. Step 2 is done automatically as your inner being becomes and rides your rocket of desire. Step three is your belief/expectation of it. Then it becomes materialized into your reality.

Expectation is kinda kuwel because it is a combination of desire and belief.

You always want your reach to exceed your grasp.

Another part of the Law of Attraction is once you ask for something, the universe will guide you/attract to you via ideas, people, places, things, events. And the universe will usually do it in baby steps. So if you don’t follow the guidance immediately in step 1, the universe will not provide you with step two. And that’s how most people never follow the right path to manifest what they want.

But if you without question, allow the universe to guide you, even if you have no idea how it will help you to attract that thing or person into your life that you want and do it fearlessly then it will materialize much faster.

For example you may want a soul mate, your lover to come into your life. And people might start handing you brochures for a yoga class. And you might not connect the dots on how this will bring you your lover. But then you might meet your lover in these classes.

Another thing that can hold a lot of people back is negativity, resentments, not feeling worthy. So if you monitor your thoughts, correct them with affirmations that are positive and in the now, present tense. I.e “The universe is only bringing me good my way today.” Letting go of resentments, anger, not taking that teaspoon of poison everyday can totally change one’s life. Forgiveness is another good thing. It can be the path of least resistance… to your best version of you and your life.

Here are the laws in order (according to Abraham):

  1. Law of Attraction
  2. Law of Deliberate Creating
  3. Law of Allowing (this law cannot begin to be understood until you understand the first two laws)
    1. I am that which I am, and I am pleased with it, joyfully

Rather than be a good go getter(jumping into action).. Abraham suggests that we create via: think, visualize and expect (the things you want) into being, which is more of an inspired action. Inspired by your soul or inner being. You can also be inspired by mass consciousness, so be aware of the difference between the two…

Most people worry, complain, so if you sense that coming as your guidance turn your self toward the positive, empowering guidance. This is the vibe you want to pick up on, not the other. Self limiting thoughts, doubt, worry are the wrong path.

It great to know that we have an emotional guidance system that can sense what feels good or bad, and then focus/put your attention on the good path.

Also one must be careful to look only at reality as it has materialized. Because what you see, you will probably get. But instead if your dream, your visualization, your visualization board, your dominating vibration is what is that of what you want. Even though your materialized reality is that of what you don’t want. Then you will attract what is wanted.

So the rule of thumb is to focus on what you want. Do you know what you want? Or do you focus on discomfort? Better is you focus on satisfaction, abundance, any positive emotion that makes you happy. Kinda like Peter Pan movie where happy thoughts enable them to fly. But it can actually work in real life.

Some people amass fortunes and then worry they might lose it. So initially they had positive mindset. And then their worry or negative mindset can work against them. So it’s good to understand that our minds act like a magnet. Our self talk attracts like thoughts unto ourselves. Some of us may not even realize the mirrors of what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch… has trained us to feel and mean when our thoughts, words & actions are broadcasting out into the universe and thus that is what we are receiving back.

This is what is known as the pinching offedness, the negative emotion indicator is going off… blink blink, kinda like the rumble bumps they have on the roads, letting you know that you are getting close to edge. Our built in emotional indicator works in a similar way. We just need to self correct. And not keep riding the rumble noise part of the road. All we need do is… get back on track. Get focused on the positive/constructive things that we want.

Remember that above all your mood, something you can control is one of the most important things. Abraham Hicks have processes in their books that can be followed. Ones mood can put one into the Vortex.