Double sided angle knife


Here is good video on doing both sides of the angle at the same time:

This is a good way to do angles/corners HOWEVER….

Using a 4 inch knife will get you the same results.

Simply coat one side today and then after it dries, coat the other side tomorrow.

If you need to coat both sides in the same day simply use ‘Quick-set mud’ to coat the first side and after that dries use Plus 3 (blue mud) to coat the other side.

If you are a professional like me, you would want to use a mechanical tool called ‘Angle box’.

Some drywallers use a mud-runner. I’ve used these before but I’m a bit old school, so i still use my Angle box. You may want to try both and decide for yourself which you prefer.

This video is good for beginners/intermediates because it is a cheaper investment than buying a mechanical tool, unless you can rent one.

Mechanical tools are faster because they put the mud on and wipe it off all in one step. They may also save a bit on the elbows because the tool is on a pole and you are using two arms instead of one.

Hope you found this post useful, if so please leave comment below.

To your drywalling success,