heat evenly

The furnace does not have gas being supplied to it. Maybe the meters have not been installed yet.

What do you do?

If the building has power, you may hook up 240 garage-type heaters.

* If you are not familiar with breaker boxes it would be WISE to have an electrician hook this up for you. You do not want to get electrocuted by doing some mistake. That could be deadly.

Now that your heater(s) are running and you have heat…

Next comes the Secret Sauce #47:

If there is power to the furnace (but no gas)…

You can turn the fan on…

Thus the air flow via the furnace fan will help to evenly distribute heat throughout the house!

A simple, yet effective secret that will allow your mud to dry more evenly and with quality

If heat is not evenly applied throughout the house it is possible, especially during the final coats of mud to experience cracking of the joints, especially in the inside angles.

If that does happen you may have to sand out the cracks or calk the cracks in order to fix this problem.



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