How To Properly Embed Mid-flex or No-Coat Bead in Vault
last swipe when embedding mid-flex in vault …

hold fingers way at tip of the knife (not by handle

this will bend the blade a lot and that lays the paper down well

ride the edge of knife on the hump-middle of bead… (probably give you best result)

although when mud continues to dry, the edges of paper may raise a little

don’t worry…. Go a head and first coat, this should cover up the paper edge

you may also try a damp sponge instead of the knife bending to see what works best.

…Trying to set this off-angle bead properly is something I’ve been struggling with for a while.

First of all it is good to look at the rock… is it in a straight line,
If not, you may need to prune the rock w/your utility knife to straighten out the angle in the rock, best you can
Next you may need to do prefil, but only on the wider gaps
Then I usually run the mid-flex through the hopper, this will get the bead more pliable and help to conform and adhere to the rock… the paper also seems to be less wrinkly when it gets wiped.
Then place the bead on the wall… you may mark the top and bottom with a pencil unless you are good at eyeballing where it is to be placed.. you are aiming for the center of the bead to hit the center of the angle on the rock.
Then i usually slide the bead back and forth every 6inches or so to make sure we are hitting center of angle. (do this lightly as we do not want to shove the center of bead into the gap (if there is one)
You then want to run your fingers up and down the bead (again more on the hump area of bead and paper edge… do not push really hard on the center of the bead… it is more meant to lay flat or float evenly)
Then do your first wipe… this is to push bead to the rock and squeeze out any excess mud
Final wipe is the one I talked about at the top of this post… for vaults you may place your fingers at edge of blade and push hard.
On the vertical off-angles it seems the angle is more acute (smaller), so maybe wipe with a damp sponge instead of trying to bend 6″ knife at the tip. That seemed to work better for me


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