Drywallers, plumbers, electricians, framers, trim guys.. All these people working together on a project and many times what one does affects another.

Electricians like it if the drywaller cleans the mud out of the electrical boxes (if they get mud in there).

Plumbers like their temporary pipe to either be left in where the shower head is to go or at least put back in, if it’s taken out.

Drywallers Top Likes

  1. Have everything out of the way. Many times there are materials, etc.. left laying around.
  2. Hangers that finish screwing of the sheetrock and sweep up.
  3. Shower head temporary pipes that are minimum of 6.25 inches above the shower so our 6″ knives can fit.
  4. Plumbers that put sheetrock back on the wall after they cut a hole to fix a pipe.
  5. Insulation is all done, so we can hang our rock.
  6. Framers that have all their backers in place, yes even in the corners.
  7. On remodels, fastener free wood…either pound them in or pull them out.
  8. Have the framing shimmed out if needed.
  9. Have the project ready on time… if you say job starts on Aug 16, don’t have it start on Sept 16. Otherwise our schedule might not be ready for you until October 16th.
  10. Getting paid when job is done. 30 days is fine, 60 days we are starting to sweat, 120 she’s getting really ripe. Especially smaller contractors need to put food on the table for their families and don’t have unlimited funds.