proposals, estimates or bids

Howdy! Today we will discuss how to properly write up proposals, estimates or bids for your potential customer. When a customer requests a bid, an estimate, a guesstimate, a proposal for work to be done, you will have a few options.

  1. Go look at the job to see it in person
    1. Once you get there, do a walk through to see what needs to be done & take measurements with tape measure.
  2. Get pictures or video sent to you.
    1. This option may work better if the job is far away and therefor you can bid it faster & save on gas
    2. Be careful of this option because it’s not as easy to bid through pictures and video
  3. Get a set of prints from the customer
    1. This is a common option when working with general contractors. They generally either email you the prints or some like to meet with you and hand you the prints in person. (Print is a drawing of the building with general measurements on it. And you can measure with a ruler any part of the print i.e 1/8″ = 1 foot.)

My favorite choices are number 1 and 3. Number 2 can sometimes work if you want to give a general bid, but I would suggest following up with 1 or 3 before committing to a project.

Good questions to ask your client.

  1. What needs to be done i.e hang, tape, prime, texture and paint
  2. When does it need to be done
    1. Start date, end date
    2. Are there any days or times that are available or unavailable to work i.e weekends or 2nd shift
  3. How much is in your budget
    1. I usually don’t ask this, but you could to get an idea

Next you want to draw up the proposal. There are several ways of doing this.

  1. Send them an email
    1. I like this way because it’s quick and you now have a record of it to refer back to and you can print it out
  2. Send them an email w/file attachment
    1. This is a little more professional looking and allows you to have your letterhead on it, more eye pleasing
  3. Call them on the phone
    1. fastest way
    2. good for weeding out tirekickers
    3. no record for them of the bid unless they write it down or can remember it
  4. Text them
    1. texts sometimes get erased
  5. Give them proposal in person
    1. Can be done when you’re looking at the job
    2. Helpful if you want to get signed contract and possibly get down payment also
    3. People may have a harder time saying no and therefore you may get a yes
      1. If they like what you have to offer
      2. If they get to know, like and trust you
  6. Postal mail, fax, etc

My preferred way of sending a bid is via email. I like having a record of it for future reference. They don’t take too long to type up.

One word of caution of email is that sometimes it can end up in their spam folder, so maybe follow up with them to make sure they received the email.

If you want a FREE PDF of an example Proposal, just use our contact us form and I will email you it to you ASAP.

proposals, estimates or bids

Ta Da!


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I hope you enjoyed today’s article and look forward to your questions, concerns, requests and comments in the COMMENTS below.