So there are a few things here for this 10.5 x 10.5 bedroom…

a 5 gallon pail may be high enough to stand on.

if using 2 colors…1 gallon each should suffice

make sure all window dressings are removed, if not make sure they understand that it will be cut around good as possible

if you wanna have them remove outlet covers? Otherwise charge for that

if the wall is a white color and trim is up… it will be difficult to paint the base in because when you remove the tape, most likely the
white will show a little…

In your fine print contract…make sure it’s stated that some paint will get on the trim, it’s pretty much inevitable.
Just let them know that you will keep it to a minimum. The only way around this is to get a coat of paint on before
they install the trim, but usually this is not the case in a remodel.

Gotta get a toolbox in back of pickup. So i woulda had a screwdriver. When your working on two jobs…it’s easy not to have
double of everything and also you may not want to or not think to bring every tool or tool box with you from job to job.

Bring some paint stir sticks, this will make it so you don’t have to box the paint between the pails and the paint tray as this can
get a bit messy.

Probably should have in contract optional patching & texture…as there may be some chipped paint or nail holes, etc. This makes
for a good up-sell.

Have them take down any alarms or glass break alarms that may trigger their alarm system, as this can be a bit annoying to customer
when they get an email about it or get home and gotta scramble…

…any fixture on ceiling/wall that can be removed i.e not permanent fixture…should be removed.

Short handle wooden for roller frame would help ease the arm a bit… if you only have 3-4feet to work with. As they may leave their
bed in the bedroom.

Explain in the contract “we do not put outlet covers, etc. back on…as the paint is still wet.”

Short term time-line or limited time-line… price goes up.

What is there all to cut in?… this bedroom took me whole day to do.

The darker blue required 2 coats over an off-white. Grey took 1 coat.

And remember…customers love options, they love questions.